Food is the fuel for life, but it is also a pleasure of life. And it is this principle that guides my work here. My goal is to share recipes and information that leads to a lifestyle of health and fulfillment.


Here you will find flavor-rich and nutrient-dense recipes. My idea is to inspire you toward a wholesome diet, including a variety of foods. To not label foods as good or bad. But to use them judiciously based on current scientific evidence. So, you will see that I do not skimp on the use of fat, but do not go overboard with it either. As, the American Heart Association does not recommend a low fat diet, but along with the Academy of Dietitians and Nutritionists, suggests a sensible use of it.


As I mentioned earlier, food is one of the joys of life, so once in a while it is okay to enjoy your food cravings in a responsible manner. I do use grass fed butter or ghee to add flavor in certain recipes. I try to sweeten my dishes naturally, as much as possible – with fruit, honey, maple syrup, dates and such – avoiding refined sugar. However, I use it when it is essential for those occasional sweet treats. Likewise, I advocate and follow the careful use of salt in my recipes.


I believe in innovation – experimenting with new ingredients and substitutions with the goal of good taste and nutrition. I also suggest other options for ingredients, such that, you can customize the recipe as per your need. If you are a carb and meat loving person, my recipes will suggest to you ways to lighten up your creations.


But if you are a hardcore vegetarian eating a very low saturated fat diet, and prefer to use butter in some of your occasional treats, you will get an idea for how to do that with my recipes. I use flavors, spices, herbs and colors lavishly in my recipes, imparting taste and enhancing the nutrition profile.


While using this medium to share nutrient dense recipes, I convey to you the health benefits of various foods and offer nutrition tips along the way. So, fill your plates with the premium fuel for life – wholesome tasty dishes!!