Dark Chocolate Orange Slice Wheels

Dark Chocolate Orange Slice Wheels are an elegant treat with decadence in every bite. So easy, healthy and a delicious tangy-sweet treat!   Thick dried slices of orange dipped in luscious melted dark chocolate is a perfect luxurious healthy snack. … Continued

Healthy Orange Blossom Cinnamon Dessert Drink

Healthy Orange Blossom Cinnamon Dessert Drink is a thick creamy milky hot winter-beverage with a flowery fragrance, so soothing and refreshing!!   This is an adapted version of a popular middle eastern beverage known as Sahlab, traditionally made with a … Continued

Apricot Almond Marzipan Stollen

Apricot Almond Marzipan Stollen is an unconventional version of a classic German fruit bread with a special, rich and decadent filling!   Stollen has an unique place among the world’s best baked treats. And that is for a good reason, … Continued

Luscious Date Avocado Chocolate Truffles

Luscious Date Avocado Chocolate Truffles – a decadent, melt in the mouth treat, but with “no” heavy cream or butter, minimal added sugar and saturated fat.   Traditionally chocolate truffles have been made with a good amount of heavy cream … Continued

Chia Mahalabia with Pistachios

Chia Mahalabia with Pistachios – an inspired version of a popular dessert, packs a nutritional punch with omega-3 fats, fiber, protein and more!!   I have fallen in love with these tiny little chia seeds – they delight both the … Continued

Chocolate Hazelnut Honey Crescent Rolls

These Chocolate Hazelnut Honey Crescent Rolls are to die for!! Almost refined sugar free, with good fiber, flaxseed and healthy fats.   The inspiration for this chocolate hazelnut honey crescent rolls comes from a traditional German treat called nusskipferl. I … Continued

Rose Avocado Smoothie

Rose Avocado Smoothie – Rich, thick and creamy in taste like a calorie laden smoothie but with calories like in plain whole milk; with saturated fat like in reduced fat milk. Sometimes the simplest of things can be the most … Continued

Persian Yogurt Dip with Shallots

This Persian yogurt dip with shallots is an absolute favorite of mine. It can be served with rice dishes, bread or all by itself. It is so tasty, creamy, flavorful and refreshing. Yogurt is a well known health food as … Continued