Persian Lubia Polo (Green Bean Rice)

Persian Lubia Polo – a green bean rice, is a complete meal with an amazing taste, so quick and easy to prepare, with good protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates.   This Persian Lubia Polo is a popular comfort dish – … Continued

Chia Mahalabia with Pistachios

Chia Mahalabia with Pistachios – an inspired version of a popular dessert, packs a nutritional punch with omega-3 fats, fiber, protein and more!!   I have fallen in love with these tiny little chia seeds – they delight both the … Continued

Persian Shrimp Quinoa Herb Rice

Persian Shrimp Quinoa Herb Rice is an adapted version of a traditional dish. Skillfully sneak in some whole grains and fiber to your picky rice eaters!!   Having grown up in a rice eating culture, I know very well how … Continued