Persian Zucchini Kuku (Kuku Kadoo)

Baked Zucchini Kuku is a Persian style frittata. So custardy, delicious and nutritious. Low in calories and carbs but with high quality protein, potassium, antioxidants.   WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT THIS PERSIAN ZUCCHINI KUKU   You’ve got to try this … Continued

Lentil Cranberry Saffron Rice

Lentil Cranberry Saffron Rice: A Persian style aromatic dish that is a bit tangy, subtly sweet and savory, packed with plant protein, fiber, antioxidants and healthy fats.   If you have been reading food news articles recently, then you know … Continued

Saffron Yogurt Rice with Spinach and Prunes

Saffron Yogurt Rice with Spinach and Prunes is a classic Persian dish referred to as Tahchin e Esfanaj. One serving of this entree provides 225 calories and beautifully combines the five food groups!   If you are not used to … Continued