Fried Onions onions peanut oil Chicken Marination chicken with bone plain yogurt  ginger garlic paste salt chili powder ground turmeric  chili pepper 


Spices cinnamon stick black cardamom green cardamom cloves bay leaves shah Jeera  ground black pepper


Biryani basmati rice salt  olive oil lemon juice fresh cilantro fresh mint saffron  ghee


Fried Onions: Slice onions very finely and fry until crisp and light golden brown.

Chicken Marination: Combine chicken with all marinade ingredients, fried onions and ground biryani spice blend.

Assemble Layers: Top with chopped cilantro, mint, half lemon juice, some olive oil and most of the remaining fried onions.

Add Soaked Rice: Rinse basmati rice until clear. Soak ⅓ cup rice in water. Drain soaked rice and spread it over the chicken.

Final Steps: Cook rice and layer it on top. Sprinkle with fried onions, lemon juice, saffron water and ghee. Cover and bake in oven or on stove top until steam builds up well.

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Classic biryani can justly be called the crown jewel of Indian cuisine, a dream dish that should not be missed!